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Dyers Association of Tirupur (DAT), an association registered under Tamilnadu Societies Act, 1975, is functioning for the development of wet processing sector in textiles at Tirupur, Tamilnadu since 1984. At present, there are 360 dyeing units are functioning in and around Tirupur. Out of this, there are 60 IETPs ( Individual Effluent Treatment Plants) are functioning with their own ETP within their campus and remaining dyeing units grouped on their geographical location have formed 18 Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETPs) for treatment of effluent being generated in the member dyeing units of CETPs. Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) system has been implemented in all CETPs and IETPs. ZLD system facilitates recycling of water and no water is discharged outside the premises of CETPs and IETPs. The preservation of water accounts for around 12 crore litre daily by recycling (CETPs 10 cr litre + IETPs 2 cr litre). Thus the CETPs and IETPs are contributing to the society and environment by preventing pollution of water bodies/river and preserving water.

CETPs and ZLD system

In the year 1998, 8 Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETPs) were formed. The CETPs were able to meet all the treatment parameters of Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board except removal of salt as the treatment systems in operation were not capable of removing salt completely. In the year 2006, another 12 CETPs were formed. In the meantime, due to delay in project execution and heavy penalties imposed on the CETPs for failure to remove salt the CETPs faced severe financial crisis and on the verge of closure. In the year 2011, Hon’ble High Court of Madras passed orders to close all the CETPs, dyeing units and bleaching units and issued directions to Tamil Nadu Pollution control Board (TNPCB) to grant permission to reopen those units which have implemented Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) system. DAT moved the Central and State Government for financial relief to save CETPs. Government of India and Government of Tamilnadu gave a grant of Rs.300Crore. In the year 2011, the Government of Tamilnadu sanctioned an interest free long term loan of Rs.200 Crore for modernistaion of ZLD system. In the year 2016, Government of India also sanctioned an Interest free Loan of Rs.200 Crore, to be converted into grant on successful completion of ZLD projects by CETPs, so as to complete the ZLD project works. With these supports from both governments, the CETPs upgraded the technology and currently all of them are achieving 100% ZLD. The cost of operation and maintenance is fully borne by the members of respective CETPs.

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