ZLD System


ZLD Project completion and sustainability:

After closure of dyeing units, bleaching units and CETPs for a period of one and half year as per directions issued by Hon’ble High Court of Madras, 18 CETPs reopened from June 2012 onwards after implementing Zero Liquid discharge (ZLD) system. TNPCB permitted them to operate with minimum of 15% to 30% of their capacity on trial run basis. Subsequently the CETPs increased their capacity utilisation to their maximum level by modernisation installing latest technology machines and equipments. Considering the role played by the CETPs in protection of environment by preventing water pollution, the Central and State Governments extended  financial support by way of grant and Interest Free Loan as shown below. 




Rs…..in Crore


Rs……..in Crore


Rs…….in Crore

Central Government187.50200.00387.50
State Government112.50200.00312.50


With the stakeholders contribution, the ZLD project works have been completed in full and all the CETPs are successfully implemented the ZLD system. The members of the CETPs are sharing the expenses towards operation and maintenance of the effluent treatment system coupled with ZLD system. Having implemented the ZLD system, the CETPs operation has become sustainable.