History of DAT


Tirupur is famous for knitwear products and its export share is more than 60% in the overall export of knitwear from India. In terms of value, it has reached Rs.35000 Cr in export and Rs.25000 Cr in domestic. The knitwear industry has shown vast growth after the year 2000 and Tirupur has become a knitwear hub in India. Dyeing industry has also grown matching with the growth of knitwear production. In the year 1984, the export turnover was Rs.9 Crore and the number of dyeing units functioning was 5 only. In the year 2010, there were 752 Dyeing and Bleaching units functioning in and around Tirupur due to the gigantic growth of knitwear export industry.


Dyers Association of Tirupur (DAT), an association registered under Tamilnadu Societies Act, 1975, is functioning for the development of wet processing sector in textiles at Tirupur, Tamilnadu since 1984. At present, there are 360 dyeing units are functioning in and around Tirupur. Out of this, there are 60 IETPs ( Individual Effluent Treatment Plants) are functioning with their own ETP within their campus and remaining dyeing units grouped on their geographical location have formed 18 Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETPs) for treatment of effluent being generated in the member dyeing units of CETPs. Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) system has been implemented in all CETPs and IETPs. ZLD system facilitates recycling of water and no water is discharged outside the premises of CETPs and IETPs. The preservation of water accounts for around 12 crore litre daily by recycling (CETPs 10 cr litre + IETPs 2 cr litre). Thus the CETPs and IETPs are contributing to the society and environment by preventing pollution of water bodies/river and preserving water.

Our Mission

DAT’s vision can be achieved by
( i ) recovering 50% of operational cost by recycling of water and recovery of salt for reuse.
( ii ) saving remaining 50% cost by implementing renewable energy projects like Solar & Wind Power.

Our Contribution

By Implementing 100% Zero Liquid Discharge System in Tirupur Dyeing Cluster, we contribute to protection of environment by prevention of water pollution and preserving ground water to the tune of 12 crore litres daily.

Our Vision

DAT is planning to achieve its vision ‘0’ Liquid discharge @ ‘0’ Cost.