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Popularly known as DAT, the association was founded in 1985.

Contribution to Nature

During 1990’s even though we took part in India’s Major Economical growth via garments Exports, We are Blamed as Top Polluters by our Local farmers and Supreme Court of India.

Financial support of governments

To support the establishment of 8 CETPs at Tirupur Central and State Governments sanctioned subsidy Rs.6.72Crore each in 1998.500 dyeing units are members of DAT at present.

Implication on environment

Due to increased discharge of dyeing effluent into river Noyyal, ground water in and around Tirupur and nearby areas of Orathupalayam Dam was affected severely.

Join us in shaping the future of the dyeing industry.



Dyers Association of Tirupur (DAT), an Association registered under Tamilnadu Societies Act, 1975, is functioning for the development of wet processing sector in textiles at Tirupur Tamilnadu since 1984. At present, there are 430 dyeing units are functioning in and around Tirupur. Out of this, there are 100 IETPs ( Independent Effluent Treatment Plants) are functioning with their own ETP within their campus and remaining dyeing units grouped on their geographical location have formed 18 Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETPs) for treatment of effluents being generated in the member dyeing units of CETPs. CETPs and IETPs have implemented Zero Liquid Discharge system which facilitates recycling of water and no water is discharged outside the premises of CETPs and IETPs. The preservation of water accounts for around 12 Crore litre daily by recycling (CETPs 10 Cr litre + IETPs 2 Cr litre). Thus the CETPs and IETPs are contributing to the society and environment by preventing pollution of water bodies/river and preserving water.



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Dyers Association Of Tirupur

Proud Contribution to Nature

DAT is now in existence since over 37 years and has formidable membership strength of 500+ manufacturing units, producing Dyes Intermediates dyes pigments and specialty chemicals.  

During 1990's even though we took part in India's Major Economical growth via garments Exports, We are Blamed as Top Polluters by our Local farmers and Supreme Court of India.

With Our ZLD'S Now we are the TOP MOST BIO DIVERSITY BALANCING & RETAINING FORCE in INDIA among Any other Associations

As a Responsible Business Management Organization, We Take resources from nature and Give Back More.

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Join our community of environmentally conscious dyers and stay updated on the latest news, events, and advancements in sustainable dyeing practices.

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The Dyers Association believes in the power of collaboration. We collaborate with industry partners, researchers, and regulatory bodies to drive positive change in the dyeing sector. By working together, we can create a more sustainable and eco-conscious future.


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We are proud to showcase a range of eco-friendly dyeing techniques that minimize water consumption, energy usage, and chemical waste.



I’ve been a member of the Dyers Association for years, and their commitment to environmentally safe dyeing practices is truly inspiring. Being part of a community that prioritizes sustainability has not only improved my dyeing techniques but also made me feel like I’m contributing to a better future



As a business owner in the fashion industry, finding sustainable solutions for dyeing is crucial. The Dyers Association has been an invaluable resource for us. Their website’s content is informative, and their certified sustainable dyes have helped us reduce our environmental impact without compromising on quality.



I attended one of the association’s workshops on eco-friendly dyeing, and it completely changed the way I approach my craft. The trainers were knowledgeable, and the techniques they shared were not only effective but also aligned with my values of protecting the environment.

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